Amber Jain

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List of projects:

  1. ocpkg:
    My Google Summer of Code 2012 (internship) project. Scripts for packaging, deploying and managing OpenCog instances. The project is being moved from Launchpad to GitHub.

  2. ml-class:
    Octave code for Machine Learning class (taught by Professor Andrew Ng of Stanford University).

  3. udacity-cs101:
    Python implementation of a barebones search engine (for Udacity's CS101 "Introduction to Computer Science: Building a Search Engine" class taught by Prof. David Evans of University of Virginia).

  4. ubudeb-dl:
    A Python program which downloads .deb package (and it's dependencies) from (without the need of an Ubuntu installation).

  5. Investigation of Symmetric Block Cipher Algorithms:
    My 8th semester academic project in which I investigated symmetric cryptographic algorithms

  6. amber-config:
    My personal config files (aka dotfiles) for different programs. Not of much use to anyone except to myself.

  7. Cryptic:
    My 6th semester (end of graduation) project. A big failure (More details soon).

Other contributions:

  1. Content mirror (website) for

  2. A website to track all useful resources for Coursera, MITx, Udacity etc. online classes.

  3. Content mirror (website) for