Amber Jain

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Online courses: TODO

I plan to take following [online classes in future (possibly outdated list; in no particular order):

Course provider Course
Udacity ST101: Introduction to Statistics
Coursera Introduction to Logic
MIT OCW Prof. Gilbert Strang's Linear Algebra
MIT OCW or Ars Digita Discrete Math
Khan Academy (or somewhere else) Probability
Udacity CS212: Design of Computer Programs
Udacity CS313: Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
Class2Go Intro to Databases
Udacity Programming Languages
Coursera Automata
Coursera Prof. Tim Roughgarden's Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1 and 2
Coursera Algorithms, Part 1 and 2 (taught by Prof. Sedgewick and Wayne)
Coursera Calculus: Single Variable
Coursera Data Analysis
Coursera Analytic Combinatorics, Part 1 and 2


  1. This is a tentative plan and may change based on the factors such as:

  2. My academic interests include computational intelligence, machine learning, data analysis and Social Network Analysis. As evident from the list above, right now, I'm concentrating on 'core' Computer Science and Math topics (such as Algorithms and Data Structures) but I'll eventually do advanced courses pertaining to topics that interest me.

  3. This list might be (a bit) outdated (due to lack of time).

  4. The courses are listed roughly in the order I plan to take them.

  5. This above list lists only courses starting in or before March 2013. I'll update this list with time.

  6. Even in December 2012-March 2013 period, I want to do many other courses. But I'm taking only 3-4 courses at a time (along the lines of de facto standard in USA universities). Hopefully I'll get time to take these courses in future. Lifelong learning, for the win!

  7. Click here to see my complete todo list.